Making VANLIFE easier

A new way of travel, fun and comfortable

The charm of van life is Comfort and freedom.
Enjoy a relaxing trip without worrying about flight or hotel check-in times, steering the vehicle as you wish.
The spacious interior, with its wide bench seat and two beds, allows even an adult male to stand up and relax like you are in a living room.

Create lasting memories with your loved ones

The place where we parked is our secret base.
You can cook in the great outdoors or sleep while listening to the sound of the waves.
With less stress from traveling, you can enjoy your activities as much as you wish.
From meals to bedtime, a trip in a campervan is a special experience you will never forget, as you can spend long hours with your loved ones.
Why not create memories that you can talk about forever with your friends and family?

Your own mobile home

Equipped with a large cargo space and easy-to-install side awnings, it can be used for a wide range of purposes.

■A buddy for a travel with your friends.
■A special day with your loved one in a space just for the two of you.
■No need for a tent, easy camp with your children.
■Use it as a changing room or waiting room for location buses or outdoor events.

What kind of van life do you want to spend?


1-6-12, Shinkiba, Kotoku, Tokyo JAPAN 136-0082
5 minutes from Shinkiba station
Please come to this office for rental and return. If you wish to take a test ride or visit, please feel free to contact us in advance using the e-mail form. (We may not be able to accommodate you if we do not hear from you in advance.)